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"Del o" - Luis Del Río

Release date: September 2016

Genres: Latin rock, folk rock, world, tango

Recorded at Studio G in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Short BIO

Luis Del Río’s music paints vivid stories reflective of his diverse cultural heritage, with the aesthetics of Argentine tango and American folk running swiftly through the bright energy of his music.




Phone: (910) 616-0017

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Long Bio

With roots in Buenos Aires and tango dancing as part of his identity, Luis Del Río’s songs are infused with tango  in both style and lyrics. True to the tango form, the lyrics are intimate, existential, and have a sense of humor. Songs feature English and Spanish lyrics. 

His sophomore album, "Del Río" , showcases Luis Del Río’s fusion style of Argentine tango and American folk rock --  you can’t help but dance to it. "Del Río" features a full rock band ensemble, horns, violin, bandoneón, and harmonica, and is backed by renowned musicians from Argentina and the United States.

"Del Río" follows his first album, "Not Mine", with a polished splendor that will delight new and old fans alike.

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