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"Migrante" - Luis Del Río

Release date: October 2018

Genres: Folk rock, world, tango

Recorded at Boxharp Studio with Scott Solter (Durham, NC) and Studio G with Gustavo Arch (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Engineered and mixed by Scott Solter

Mastered by “Cana'“ San Martín

Album design by Christian Molina


Short BIO

A visual artist who diverged into songwriting, Luis Del Río fuses the sounds of his Argentine heritage with folk rock. Storytelling manifests with tango, creating an aesthetic driven by a diverse cultural heritage. The Durham, NC-based artist’s third album, “Migrante”, is a celebration of migration as an essential human experience.




Phone: (910) 616-0017

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Long Bio

With roots in Buenos Aires and tango dancing as part of his identity, Luis Del Río’s songs are infused with tango – in both style and lyrics. True to the tango form, the lyrics are intimate, existential, and often have a sense of humor. Songs feature English and Spanish lyrics. 

The Durham, NC-based artist’s third album, “Migrante”, is a celebration of migration as a human condition. His experience as a court interpreter for the largest immigration raid in U.S. history (Iowa, 2008) shocked and horrified him as he interpreted shackled immigrant workers, saying things like: “What about my children? They were left at home alone!”— “I’m breastfeeding my baby.” — “I’m sorry for having come to this country to work.” It was from this experience that he began using music as a way to express these deep feelings.

His first album, “Not Mine”, is a vibrant fusion of folk rock and Argentine tango. His second album, "Del Río", continues to blend cultural aesthetics with a bright energy and witty storytelling. “Migrante” comes as a shift, refocusing on folk and tango traditions for a more stripped-down, rhythmic approach.

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Migrante album art

Migrante album art